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We established information site "YAKATABUNE .tokyo" of YAKATABUNE.

2016/05/18 Wednesday 11:05 |  Category:


In response to voice of such a customer who "did not know how there should be YAKATABUNE", we established information site of YAKATABUNE.
We place information of general YAKATABUNE in bass as well as FUNASEI by question to receive from customer.

Before as may vary according to boat rental houses, please finally confirming in each boat rental house, but, at time to choose YAKATABUNE, getting on YAKATABUNE; would appreciate your referring to.

It faces the sea, and it is Tokyo where transportation by water developed, but, as for the person enjoying play of waterside, as for most, there are none still more. We pray when we can tell many people about pleasure of splendor of scenery to watch from ship, comfort of the sea breeze to catch on skin and YAKATABUNE play only in Tokyo.

Thank you for your cooperation.