Q&A about YAKATABUNE FUNASEI answers question about YAKATABUNE.


Is there YAKATABUNE only in Tokyo?

We call shipping company of YAKATABUNE "boat rental house". (not facility which can stay)
There are 90% or more of boat rental house of YAKATABUNE in Tokyo.
We may tell to be play only in Tokyo by eating being culture that grew up, Edo-style tempura in the Edo era.
In addition, we do not include rafting and sightseeing ship of going down stream in "YAKATABUNE" in this site.

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Where does ship leave from?

It is company pier of each boat rental house or public pier.
It is Sumida riverside, Fukagawa, Arakawa, Edogawa, Hamamatsucho, Shinagawa, Omori, Haneda that there are many boat rental houses.
Pier of Harumi (taxi from Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Ginza approximately ten minutes) is used for a lot of places that assume pier public than company's pier main getting on and off Semba place well.
In the case of FUNASEI, it is departure and arrival of pier for exclusive use of the company of Shinagawa.

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Is YAKATABUNE reserved image?

There were many boat rental houses only reservations, but companies which navigated "riding together ship" where even few people could get on increased recently before.
Riding together ship is sharing with other customers. We accept from about two people.
Also, please refer to each boat rental house for navigation schedule whether you navigate riding together ship.
We accept reservations in boat rental house of any place. Ten ..., rough boat rental house are 20 - reservations possibilities in few places.

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How many people can we get on YAKATABUNE to?

Capacity varies according to ships. It is 120-130 self-introduction with around 30 people, the largest size with small thing.
More than 100 super big ships have few boat rental houses to own. There are many boat rental houses which are open by ship 1-2 ship of 50 to 80 persons.
There is 7 ship in YAKATABUNE, and, in the case of FUNASEI, there is ship of various size to 20 to 120 persons.
At first tell boat rental house about the use number of people desired.

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What time does ship appear?

In the case of reservations, customer can choose time for departure. There are many end and places doing by departure, about 21:30 by from 17:00 to 19:00. It varies according to getting on and off Semba places, but thinks whether there are not many places to be OK until 22:00.
In the case of riding together ship, boat rental house sets time for departure and arrival. As you vary according to season and days, please check in each boat rental house.

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At how much time, do you get on?

Two hours 30 minutes is common.
There is boat rental house giving plan of from one hour 30 minutes to two hours depending on the day and time. In addition, we may give 3-hour plan in irregular.

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You get into boat all the time, and are you not worthless?

We can enjoy Tokyo Tours while eating in YAKATABUNE. As scenery to show from window changes, we may not get tired. As place to go round is famous place of Tokyo including Odaiba and the Skytree, the highlight is plentiful. Even person who was used to Tokyo can look at Tokyo from different angles.
If it is ship with observation deck, we can enjoy 360-degree scenery while feeling the sea breeze.

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Will you do business only in the summer?

No, it is open throughout the year.
Image of enjoying the cool breeze ship is strong, but there is a lot as well as summer at opportunity to enjoy spring cherry blossom viewing and welcome and farewell party, autumn holiday making, YAKATABUNE including winter boshinnenkai.
Winter YAKATABUNE comes to certain one that seems to be cold, and is to intentional walk, but can spend comfortably even in winter as ship is accompanied by air-conditioner.
In addition, only for the year-end and New Year holidays, most boat rental houses are suspension of business. (we remove fishing boat)

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Do you not get seasick?

As it is ship for banquet, we navigate port with a little shaking. We do not tell that we do not shake at all, but, as for the shaking as desk thing falls down, there are none.
As there are individual differences in seasickness, we cannot necessarily say, but there cannot be thing that all the members get seasick. Anxious person recommends that he/she takes medicine of motion sickness drug beforehand. (by revision of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, we were not able to offer in boat rental house)

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If it rains, is it the suspension of service?

As there is window of sash, normal wind and rain do not have any problem, and roof sets sail for YAKATABUNE, too.
It may stop departure from port at the time of stormy weather such as typhoon of Kanto direct hit or bomb cyclone of equal class.
In addition, snowfall, high tide may have an influence on departure from port, too. In such a case it becomes consultation while seeing the situation.

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