Q&A about others of YAKATABUNE FUNASEI answers question about YAKATABUNE.

About others

May we take pet?

There seems to be ship of pet OK, too, but pets are not allowed in most boat rental houses among them.
As damage by nail and marking is heavy because the ship of YAKATABUNE is with tatami mat floor, in hygiene, we have you refrain from the viewpoint of safe top.

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Can you use for wedding?

Correspondence moves to boat rental house. If there is OK place if we only make Takasago, there is place that cooperates with produce company, and crosses plan.
In addition, in the case of wedding, rate may be different from usual.
We convey wedding-style that customer images, and please consult.

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Can only decided route go?

We cannot go everywhere in in what can navigate only route that received permission.
Main spot where YAKATABUNE goes to is Odaiba, the Sumida River, the Skytree. There is ship to make a round trip of toward Tokyo Disney Resort when it is boat rental house near Urayasu.
As getting on and off Semba place is not available anywhere, ask about place available in each boat rental house.

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Is there place that waits if we reach Boarding point early?

We stop at pier. Waiting place thinks company's pier of each boat rental house whether there is, but area and comfort of waiting room are different. In the case of pier for common use, there is place without waiting room, too.

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What happens if late for embarkation time?

As there are many boat rental houses using public pier, it is difficult to wait. As other customers come in the case of the use, we ask for riding together ship in particular in punctuality.
In the case of departure from reserved by ship company's pier, we think whether you can wait a minute. But we cannot but thereby take a shortcut by navigation route.

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In the case of emergency?

Boat rental houses to publish time and coping at the time of disaster, approach to environment that emergency case went to homepage for in increased recently. As for place comprising AED, place doing fire drill, place taking lifesaving class, the measures including place recycling waste oil, various. As "measures at the time of disaster" and "approach" are speech such as "CSR" and guide on companies homepage, please see.
If there is anxious point when there is not publication, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Can you make a preliminary inspection of ship beforehand?

We think whether it is possibility if you can come to each boat rental house after notification to mooring place.
But we are not seen even if we go whenever. As time and place that we can make a preliminary inspection of are limited on account of departure from port and the preparations, at first please refer.

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All the YAKATABUNE looks same

We look same if we surely see only form. But there are presence, seat (kotatsu set in the floor, room, chair) of observation deck, height, tonnage of ceiling and Balance of capacity, cleanliness, facilities of ship, difference including dishes a lot.
On reservation, please examine closely at various points of view as well as platform.

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We use by reception, where is the best seat in seat of ship?

In the case of ship, there is the most far-off seat near rest room from entrance that is original higher seat, and it cannot be said too much with the seat of honor. Therefore we recommend center window seat as higher seat.

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We have ship license. As we drive by oneself, do we want to borrow only YAKATABUNE?

In boat rental house of any place, we cannot rent only YAKATABUNE. He/she does not give because we have license as it is ship which gets various authorization, and is open when we let you run.

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