Q&A about rate, plan, reservation of YAKATABUNE FUNASEI answers question about YAKATABUNE.

About rate, plan, reservation

Is YAKATABUNE 10,000 yen anywhere?

YAKATABUNE which makes tempura main is 10,000 yen (it includes passage fare, meal, all-you-can-drink tax distinction) basically. There are many boat rental houses where we upgrade dishes from there and provide course of around 12,000-15,000 yen to.
As from January to the middle of March are off-season of YAKATABUNE, there is boat rental house providing plan that is inexpensive a little during this period.

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Can we not get on with a small number of people?

There can be boat rental house navigating riding together ship, but all boat rental houses do not navigate riding together ship.
Riding together ship is navigation in not being set by sharing with other customers. There seems to be boat rental house taking from one person, but places from two people are often found. Please refer to each boat rental house at departure from port schedule and time.

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Are rates different by reservations and riding together?

Even reservations are riding together, but think whether rate of one does not change basically.
There is place making the minimum guarantee number of people to reservations ship, and it is only necessary to pay rate for guarantor several minutes at least when it does not reach the number of people.

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Does price rise for the weekend and busy season?

No, it is whole year, the same rate. In the case of fireworks display and event, rate rises depending on navigation time and contents, but price may not rise just because of the weekend and busy season.

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Can baby and child get on, too?

We think what boat rental house you would get on in. But only in children cannot go on board.
In the case of fireworks and other events, it may limit age. In addition, for the number of adults, we may have you decline from the viewpoint of safe top when there are many ratios of child. As you vary according to boat rental houses, about pricing, ask each boat rental house.

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Can we get on only in foreigners?

We think that we accept reservation, but, about correspondence to overseas customer, are place to be divided in boat rental house.
We ask for reservation in Japanese when we say about FUNASEI because various procedures are necessary.
Only foreigner is fine, but, about the later embarkation, please note that correspondence becomes Japanese.

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Can we get on even if we do not make a reservation?

We think whether there cannot be boat rental house of any place without reservation.
If there is yoseki by riding together ship, there seems to be place that you accept on the morning of the day, but you confirm payment, and please make a reservation including preparation for meal beforehand as you are not often in time.

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What should reservation do?

In all boat rental houses, telephone is reliable. Rather there are few on-line reservations. In addition, we think whether there is not place that reservation concludes with thing for tentative reservation and inquiry online even if we meet.
It is apt to be thought that it is open in the night, but telephone receptionist is from morning to the evening as well as general company.
We would like inquiry, reservation rather by night at the daytime as there are many boat rental houses which cannot answer telephone in departure from port.

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When is crowded time?

Busy season is cherry blossom viewing season of from the end of March to April, enjoying the cool breeze season of from July to August, year-end party season of December. Reservation centers on the weekend at other time. As we are filled up around three months ago on the weekend of busy season, we recommend early examination. (fireworks display writes separately and refers)
As it is from January to the middle of March that we are off-season, and there are many boat rental houses to establish more advantageous plan at this time, please check by all means.

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Can you see fireworks display from ship?

Fireworks display is the first popular event in one year, and it is serious to take reservation in boat rental house of any place. Reservation receptionist has place from about April depending on boat rental house in early place for one year, too. Mostly, as for the riding together ship, it is offer start as reservations ship is important if vacant on seeing the situation of reserved ship. At first ask early every year as there are many boat rental houses decided by reservation of regular customer and travel agency.
In addition, fireworks display to perform departure from port varies according to boat rental houses.
In addition, fireworks display becomes special price. tamedesu where has a long one and navigation time when flag charges to enter viewing area of fireworks are added to this (4-6 hours). By Sumida River fireworks display, it is one approximately 30,000 yen (tax-excluded).

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