Q&A about dishes, service of YAKATABUNE FUNASEI answers question about YAKATABUNE.

About dishes, service

Do you deep-fry fish which you caught by oneself?

Originally most of boat rental house of YAKATABUNE seem to come to one to misunderstand because it was boat rental house of fishing boat. We deep-fry fish which we caught with fishing boat and gave, but, in YAKATABUNE, we load fish which we stocked on the land and deep-fry. About other dishes, we cook on the land and load onto ship.
Please think even if with tempura to fry by ship as fishing is not main, and grand daimyo play is main when different from fishing boat.

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In YAKATABUNE, what kind of dishes are served?

It is almost course of Japanese dishes which assumed tempura main. I give each boat rental house original menu including tempura, sashimi, small dish and appetizer, rice thing, salad and dessert. In addition, winter has many places having food served in a pot.
When read only menu, see in the same way, but including the number of articles of contents and tempura of sashimi, offer method is well different when see. In addition, it was few recently, but YAKATABUNE which provided western dishes and Monjayaki, yakiniku came out. On reservation, please compare well.

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Is carry-on possible?

If it is course of with all-you-can-drink, boat rental houses of carry-on OK of liquor are often found. We think corkage whether it does not take. We stop at boat rental house about dishes, but there are many places to decline from sanitary point of view. But birthday cake has place where carry-on is OK. As there is boat rental house which can arrange cake for a fee separately, please consult.

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Can you add food?

Ship departs and it is after and cannot accept addition of dishes in there not being preparation.
As we think whether there is OK boat rental house if we talk by reservations ship beforehand, please consult.

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Are there dishes for child?

We are ready in most boat rental houses, but content of rate and dishes varies according to boat rental houses.
Is child menu, and is dishes same as adult, and, also, as for the application age each.
For indication, primary schoolchild is 50% - around 70% of adult rate.
You tell age of child to each boat rental house, and please confirm.

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Will you exchange dishes which you cannot eat?

Correspondence varies according to boat rental houses. Please only consult beforehand as ship departs, and it is after, and boat rental house of any place cannot be equivalent.
In the case of one with thing which you must not eat for allergy in particular and religious reason, please be careful.

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Can you arrange companion and entertainment?

Companion and entertainer are available for arrangement in most boat rental houses. As rate varies according to contents of company and art arranging, ask.
They are used as an indication, and companion one around 18,000 yen in Japanese dress, geisha one around 30,000 yen (the road pivot according to carfare), comic story teller, paper cutting, magician are around 80,000 yen ...

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Will you take to and from by bus?

Having pick-up bus or not varies according to boat rental houses. In addition, it is place taking to and from to place of hope of customer, place, first-come-first-served basis to the nearest station, and paid, and please refer to each boat rental house by boat rental house when there is as service is different.

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Is there parking lot?

We stop at getting on and off Semba place, but there are not many places possessing. As number is limited when there is parking lot, we recommend that you confirm beforehand.

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Is ship non-smoking?

We stop by in ship. Even if reservations ship can smoke, you should think about riding together ship with inboard non-smoking.
But even non-smoking thinks whether space that can smoke overboard is established.

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